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The Best Fall Songs For Emotional Struggles

October 24, 2018

This fall has been the most promising for those who continue to seek emotional security through music. Here are nine tracks in a time where world issues, economic strife, and mental disabilities continue to strafe us daily.

Venice B*tch- Lana Del Rey

“Ice cream, Ice Queen; I dream in jeans and leather” as she takes a gander through Venice Beach, production courtesy of Jack Antonoff and herself; so nostalgic you see her imagery through a super 8-styled film. Serving as her second single from her upcoming album “Norman F*cking Rockwell”, it stands at nine minutes and thirty-six seconds long. The first half begins as a tender ballad with the second half transitioning into a psychedelic rock number, painting a picture about a romantic relationship content with time.

WESPN- Sheck Wes

You probably recognized his sleeper hit that’s been making its way into every college student’s playlist who sought hype before entering a function, sometimes even while entering a function. The “Mo Mamba” Harlem native is more than a one-hit wonder, with the release of his debut album “Mudboy” under Travis Scott’s imprint Cactus Jack, he is well deserving as one of the artists that taking rave-rap to new heights. WESPN is about Wes’ rise to fame, with the production being handled by none other than YungLunchBox his frequent collaborator.

WEIGHT- Brockhampton

If you’ve been a fan of Brockhampton since “All-American Trash”, then you know how long they’ve come with their debut album “Iridescence”. Weight is a track that takes a glimpse into each band member’s internal struggles: from self-harm to peer pressure, and substance abuse. The production begins as a Baroque pop ballad, assisted with violins as Kevin Abstract bridges the song with gospel-inspired vocals. If you’re a music nerd who has an ear for transition and engineering, their UK breakbeat inspired breakdown is definitely something to look out for.

151 RUM- J.I.D.

J.I.D. is an honorary signee under J. Cole’s Dreamville Records who has been quietly stirring up the underground rap scene for a couple of years. With his clever quips and impressive rap speed, he releases 151 RUM as a promotional single to his anticipated sophomore effort “Dicaprio 2”. A minimal trap beat with underlying dark textures, sticking to his thematic rap formula about substance abuse, poverty, and violence. His album is surely something to anticipate, especially since the late Mac Miller had the opportunity of producing a few tracks for him.

Chewing Gum- Blood Orange ft. A$ap Rocky & Project Pat

Devonte Hynes, a talented musician under the pseudonym “Blood Orange” is the siren we’ve always needed for a recall back into New Wave and 80’s pop ballads. This number is a tribute to the emotional validity regarding activists, anyone can resonate with the saying “Sick and tired of being sick and tired”. It is a bedroom pop song with underlying gratuitous psych pedals, compressed vocals, with a sample of “Lookin’ For Da Chewin” by Kingpin Skinny Pimp.

Put You On- Amber Mark ft. DRAM

I’m normally not the person to entertain Generation Z’s obsession of the 90’s because I see it as another cultural fad that’ll just keep resurfacing with more generic 90’s r&b inspired jams, but this is a song worth entertaining. “Put You On” continues Amber Mark’s trend in this cultural fad, and it actually works quite well for her. She is actually one of few artists (Brent Faiyaz to name one) that gives R&B audiences hope of resurfacing adult contemporary R&B back into the mainstream.

Understood- Mick Jenkins

Chicago born rapper Mick Jenkins and Canadian DJ and Producer Kaytranada, have been the perfect duo this fall. This is especially exciting because of Kaytranada’s direction towards heavy sampling and Hip-Hop, and with Mick Jenkins’ assertive yet velvety flow I have a feeling this track will attract a lot of old heads. This song samples Jack Arel 1972’s “Something Happen”, looping a lap steel guitar that’ll surely have you addicted to this song.

Nobody- Mitski

Mitski is a Japanese-American born musician whose music breathes honesty about identity-crisis’, unrequited love, and possibly any other theme along those lines of confessionals. “Nobody” is a disco-oriented track that touches on alienation and low-self-esteem, a track so honest yet so socially and politically forward it almost carries the same energy reminiscent of Father John Misty’s “Holy Sh*t.

High- Young Thug ft. Elton John

Young Thug is one of the music industry’s biggest trolls to ever grace us. He has strategically mastered the art of anticipation regarding his debut album, all the while effortlessly continuing to release critically acclaimed commercial mixtapes. “High” is off of his latest EP “On the Rvn” and enlists none other than Elton John and his sample of “Rocket Man”. This collaboration, of course, seemed unlikely, the thought of a rock legend pairing up with a rapper is no surprise, but Elton and Thugger on the same track as musicians with two different levels of star status and versatility is a shocker. But ever since a snippet of the two on a track leaked years ago, people have been anticipating it, and now that it is finally here it’s just as ethereal and triumphant with their names standing alone.

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