Wildin’ With Willie – How Are COVID Cases Discovered?


Dear Wildin’ with Willie:  I’ve heard conflicting numbers about how many cases of COVID we have on campus. To be honest, it makes me a little concerned because I know that there have been people who were supposed to be in quarantine that haven’t be following the instructions so who knows who they have been mixing with. Should we as students of Culver ask for them to update the numbers more than weekly?

Dear Concerned: Wildin’ With Willie reached out to C-SC Dean Dr. Christopher Gill how the process works to identify possible cases.  According to Gill, the process for identifying possible COVID cases on campus is relatively simple.  “Athletic Training tells us of students that are athletes if they are experiencing symptoms and need to be tested.  For non student-athletes the RAs or the students themselves let us know if someone is getting tested.”  Gill says that most, if not all of the cases are identified this way.  “This catches 99% of them and then occasionally the health department might let us know about one that was tested who we were not aware about.  But again the majority of the time the students have been very good in letting us know.” Thanks for your question, “Concerned” – we hope we shared some facts on COVID detection at C-SC.

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