C-SC Braces for More Snow, Cold Temperatures

With a blanket of snow covering the campus, C-SC can expect another blanket to follow starting Friday night.


Danielle Thurman

One of C-SC’s fountains covered in the snow. The snow has been on campus since 1/11/19.

Culver-Stockton College experienced winter weather the second day of classes after the winter break, the week after classes have started, and once again the Culver-Stockton campus is expecting more winter weather. The issue with this upcoming weather event includes wind chills below zero. Snow will a possible threat, but it is not likely to be three inches according to Weather Underground.

While the weather is not expected to be as severe as the previous two weeks, it is still a good idea to avoid the roads whenever severe weather is expected. Weather is hard to predict accurately, it can be dangerous for travel due to ice, and the salt does not work under a certain temperature, in which many days C-SC, as well as the Tri-State area have been under.

Skip Barton, Assistant Campus Safety Directors gives some advice for students that includes to not drive if others have warned against it.

“The best advice I can give during storms is to “Use good judgement and to be careful.””

If a student has to get out during this weather, Barton had advised to walk with a friends. If a student is having to travel, either for work or for an emergency, it is recommended to inform someone of when you are leaving, letting them know when and where the student’s planned to go.

“Make up an emergency bag,” said Barton, “blankets, heavy coats, winter boots (not fashion boots), water, food and cell phone charger.”

Another good idea is to maintain a car’s gas tank to ensure that it stays over half full, and once it starts to get under that, fill it up. There is always a chance with conditions this bad that traffic could build up.

“Stay off your cell phone when driving, allow plenty of room between you and the driver in front of you.”

“Also pay attention if the college sends out any announcements.  You can also call campus safety if you have any questions on what to do.”

Temperatures will be dangerously cold in the upcoming week, starting Friday, Jan 24 night. Leading into Wednesday, in which the high will be near 0 degrees, with a low near -10 Fahrenheit. Wind chills in the upcoming week will be in the -20’s to -30 degrees. With chills these low, it is possible for hypothermia to set in within 30 minutes, according to WGEM’s article on Facebook.

A few ways to keep up with the weather conditions include: WGEM, the NWS, and through the announcements from Culver-Stockton College through the email.