10 Tips for Snow Storm Survival


Vanessa Bolen

A snow day on Culver-Stockton College campus.

Vanessa Bolen, Arts and Entertainment Editor



Blankets. Blankets are at the top of the list because freezing is no fun when the heat in the dorms are pretty hit or miss. Also, no one wants to die of hypothermia. Pile those suckers on there and curl up with #2.


Hot Chocolate. During an awful snowstorm, having warm liquids is an essential to keep the insides from freezing. Also, hot chocolate is a great way to warm the cold hearts of college students.


Sled Dogs. With the way the sidewalks are, it’s going to be a little tricky getting to our not-so-cancelled classes. So, why not adopt an entire team of sled dogs to get you around campus in style? Then at the end of the day you can cuddle them all to warm your frozen body.


Fuzzy socks. That’s all I will say.


Snacks. Before those icy winds hit campus, you will want to stock up on snacks so you don’t look like Luke Skywalker on your trek to get food. Trekking across those snowy dunes on an empty stomach is a bad idea.


Toilet Paper. Toilet paper can be very important when you don’t know if the cleaning lady will be able to make it or not. If not, you don’t want to be on a freezing toilet seat without any tp. Also, they can make a good substitute for blankets if you failed to follow tip #1.


Canned food. This is important to get to the store before the shelves are cleared by people who think it is the end of world. Also, to get that warm liquid, some nice soup can make sure you’re not dying of starvation when snowed it.


Snow Skis. This is in case the sled dogs fell through once campus safety found out you’re harboring 12 dogs in your dorm.


A good book. This is to pass the time when the cable and the Wi-Fi fail. Also, if the book upsets you, set it on fire for warmth.


Lastly, a buddy. You’ll always want a buddy with you, in case you do trek out into the storm and don’t come back. At least someone will come looking for you then!

Happy Survival!