Travel Study Fair draws interest

Students came to the fair with interests in the different trips.


Quentin Wells

Wildcats Of The World sign at the Travel Study Fair.

On Monday, Sept. 16,  Culver-Stockton College held its annual Multicultural and Travel Study Fair. Representatives of various trips were seated in Meaders Lounge, with information on the trips that C-SC will be having within the next couple years. Travel studies included at the fair include: Amsterdam and Germany for Sports Management in fall 2021, Alaska for Business in spring 2021,  as well as Iceland in spring 2022. The fair had a variety of different trips that are able to be taken, and showcased the foods that could be eaten in the nations, as well as various information on the trips, including prices.

Students on the Netherlands and Germany trip will spend about two weeks travelling. There will be a mix between modern day sports and traditional sports, with focus on history and culture and how sport impacted the history.

“A lot of times,” said Dan Mahoney, Lecturer in Sports Management, “sport invades the culture and you can’t really have one without the other.”

Students who go on this trip should expect to stay busy with constant activity through the day.

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“Expect to be fully emerged, it’s go-go-go. We’re up at 6-7 o’clock and we’re out until 5 o’clock. We do as much as we possibly can.” 

— Dan Mahoney, Lecturer in Sports Education

The Amsterdam and Germany trip will cost about $4,500, according to Mahoney.

“Freshman and sophomores will have an opportunity to save up some of their experiential money,” said Brian Walker, Lecturer in Physical Education, “so their junior-senior year, maybe EXP 301, it’s far enough out that to where they kind of anticipate having it on their schedule in two years.”

International courses tend to range in cost between $3,500 to $5,000, with long-term domestic travel courses costing between $1,000 to $3,000. Students can receive up to $1,500 from C-SC, with honor students receiving an extra $500. These grants can be used for both international and domestic travel course, and students are allowed to apply for international scholarships that range in awards from $500 to $2000.  However, thesescholarships are only able to be redeemed for short-term, faculty-led international travel. Application essays can be found on the Campus Life Section on MyCulver, and are due the semester prior the trip.

As a reminder, all domestic and international travel courses require students to make a deposit by a due date in the semester previous to the trip.