Climate Concern Comes to Culver

Students and Faculty Join to Bring Climate Solutions to Campus

Environmental issues and sustainability were at the forefront of the conversation recently, as Culver-Stockton College faculty and students met to discuss a plan for sustained sustainability on campus.

An informal group led by Melody Schroer, Associate Professor of Legal Studies, gathered to propose ideas that would promote sustainability and the reduction of Culver-Stockton’s environmental impact.  The group discussed the prospects of forming a student organization or SGA Committee to address these concerns.


How do we link ideas behind a larger philosophical transformation of campus culture?

— Dr. Scott Giltner, Professor of History

Discussions focused on a renewed emphasis on the unfilled paid student position responsible for the collection of recycling on campus.  Other top topics included biodegradable containers for The Lab and the Cat’s Pause and reusable containers for the cafeteria, to replace the now-retired system of using Styrofoam takeout containers.

Dr. Scott Giltner, Professor of History, discussed past efforts for sustainability, proposing an important threshold to create a lasting effort for change on campus, asking “How do we link ideas behind a larger philosophical transformation of campus culture?” Having been with the college long enough to see multiple efforts for sustainability, he emphasized that efforts have been tolerated, but never fully supported, with enthusiasm for recycling and other matters plateauing, dropping off after a couple years.

Topics discussed
Quentin Wells




These developments come amidst a busy week for climate advocacy.   One of the biggest worldwide protests in recent historywas led by Greta Thunberg a Swedish activist who had just hours before delivered a fiery speech to the United Nations, condemning global inaction on environmental issues.