Climate Concern Update – Green Team Meeting, 10/14/2019

Students and faculty continue to organize for sustainability on campus.

Following their September 23rd meeting, the group of concerned Culver-Stockton College students and faculty seeking to bring sustainability to “The Hill” reconvened on October 14th.   New progress and new ideas were discussed for helping to modernize and reinvigorate the image of the College.

Having progressed further as an organization, the name “Green Team” has been proposed, though the group’s identity is still far from final, pending official approval and recognition as a student organization.

Progress was shown on a variety of issues such as sustainable packaging in The Lab Café and Cat’s Pause, and reusable containers for takeout at the cafeteria. Though no outward connection to the group’s efforts was recognized, The Lab Café did recently introduce reusable travel mugs, a move in-line with the group’s goals.  Following purchase of the travel mugs, buyers are charged a cheaper price for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate – the discount from reduced use of single-use cups.

Additionally, the group discussed the idea of a community garden, which could provide volunteer hours for students, and fresh produce for the eateries on campus, as well as food waste.   One member who works at The Lab Café remarked that it’s common to throw perhaps ten, or even up to thirty fresh food items away when the establishment closes from the afternoon to the later evening. Suggestions were proposed including speaking to churches, the food pantry, and other charitable organizations who might have some use for the excess food in all three eateries. 


The group plans to reconvene at 11:45 am on November 4th in the mock courtroom on the lowest floor of the Carl Johann Memorial Library (room 118). For further information, contact Megan Erikson at her email,