Haunting on the Hill: The Ghosts of Herrick Hall

Do Ghosts Reside Among Us?

On the night of Monday, October 28th, Culver-Stockton’s Wildcat Wire staff kicked off a new segment “Ghost Hunting.”  A few Wildcat Wire staff members went to Herrick Hall to debunk the rumors of paranormal activity.

Many students have had the pleasure of ghost hunting in this building in the past with guest ghost hunters. Members of the Wildcat Wire staff decided to investigate Herrick themselves, to see if, in fact, Herrick is haunted.

The team arrived twenty minutes before midnight to scope out the best place in Herrick to search for ghosts. The staff decided in the art studio as the prime area for the hunt. A motion detector was set up in the hallway outside of the studio to catch any spirits that may be moving around.

During our visit in Herrick the staff used various paranormal hunting tool including an electromagnetic frequency detection meter (EMF) that was used to pick up high frequencies that detect change and movement in the electric current. A thermometer used to pick up a change in temperature, and video and sound recordings were also used. Paranormal activity can be observed from all these devices and helpful to record any findings.

Abigail Heinecke

First, the lights were turned off and just around midnight, the staff started asking questions to invite any spirits to communicate. The temperature was observed and a member of the staff walked around with the EMF meter. During the time there, there was not a significant drop in temperature. We did experience the EMF meter going off after we turned on the lights when we took a break.

A water bottle was placed on a table away from the staff and was used to see if any ghost would communicate with us, or show a sign by moving the water bottle. We asked if any spirits would let us know if they were present with us and asked it show us a sign multiple times.

During the time there the staff did not experience any paranormal activity with our devices or any signs, and the sensor did not go off. There were a few strange noises that were determined to be only a vent that was very noisy.

This visit was inconclusive, but further investigation may be warranted. The ghosts of Herrick may not have been present during our visit, but there are many places with paranormal activity on campus that the staff have yet to investigate.