Climate Concern to Climate Committee

Prospective student organization elects officers, discusses long-term plans.

Convening for another meeting on the fourth of November, the prospective student organization that first met some time ago, in the shadow of Greta Thunberg’s address to the United Nations following the Climate March, one of the largest international protests in recent memory, has made further steps toward the requirements for approval as an official organization on The Hill.

The most relevant development to emerge from the meeting was likely the group’s adoption of the name “Climate Committee”, a holdover from their time as a committee on the SGA, a moniker adopted for the sake of its professional image, and noted as a helpful differentiation from the recently formed Diversi-T.E.A.M., in contrast to the proposed name “Green Team”, which had been aired in prior meetings.

With a core group swelled somewhat from the attendance of their last meeting, the group began the meeting with elections, placing Megan Erickson, who had been one of the primary drivers of the group’s efforts, and one of the strongest voices in pushing for its creation in the role of President, joined by Ally Fermanis as VP, with the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and SGA Representative also being filled.

The group discussed some progress on their ongoing projects, such as a more robust plan to bring reusable takeout containers to the cafeteria, the proliferation of biodegradable packaging to the CP and The Lab Café, and the approval of a leadership grant to send the President and Advisor of the organization out to a conference on campus sustainability in the spring, to network, and help acquire the institutional knowledge of other campuses with longer-standing efforts to improve their impact on the environment. In addition, the group worked on the creation of a constitution and purpose statement, other elements necessary for official approval.