Haunting on the Hill: Ghosts in The Student Center?

Second in a Series of Explorations at Culver-Stockton College


Haunting on The Hill

On Friday February 21st, the Wildcat Wire staff investigated the Gladys Crown Student Center for paranormal activity.

The first stop the staff made in the building was the TV station. The staff used standard ghost hunting equipment:  an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) detection meter that was used to pick up high frequencies that detect change and movement in the electric current, as well as a thermometer to monitor the change of temperature in the room. The staff used video and audio recording to pick up on images and sounds that could pick paranormal activity.

During the visit to the TV station, the staff picked up levels of different frequency with the EMF. There was also a spot where the temperature dropped to 66.6°F. The staff asked questions to see if there was any ghost that wanted to make their presence known. No other abnormal things happened during the staff’s visit to the TV Station.

The next stop in the Student Center was the KCSW radio station. The staff investigated the room, but the abundance of electrical equipment made for a quick stop. If too much electrical equipment is around the EMF, it will cause inaccurate readings.

While in the Student Center, the staff searched for ghosts in their own newsroom, The Pub Lab. The EMF did not pick up on anything paranormal in the room and the temperature stayed constant. From the readings taken that night, the staff has concluded there may be a presence in the TV station, but no other ghost may reside in the building.

The next Haunting on the Hill will have the staff investigating the rumors of ghosts at the graveyard.