Professor Profile- Professor Heather Keller-Giltner

A chat with “Professor HK”


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Heather Keller-Giltner

Another edition of “Professor Profiles” is here for your reading enjoyment. Through this pandemic, it is always nice to learn a bit more of the people who had to change the way they teach in this difficult time. This time we feature Culver-Stockton College Lecturer Heather Keller-Giltner, or as some like to call her, Professor HK, Lady of Fabulocity.


Wildcat Wire: What is your current job title here at Culver-Stockton College?


Professor HK: Lecturer in communication and English


WW: What is your favorite movie or TV show?  


HK: I’m indecisive, so here’s a top three:


3)  Mad Men

2)  The Wire

1) Big Mouth (season 1)


WW: Do you have a favorite food?


HK: I have an insatiable sweet tooth, especially candy.  


WW: What do you collect? (books, movies, troll dolls, etc.)

…there are only two kinds of people:  those who want to raise others up to their level and those who want to drag others down…

— Heather Keller-Giltner

HK: I’ve started a collection of vintage typewriters, which are on display in my living room.  It’s also fair to say that I collect adorable stray cats (our four are all rescues). 


WW: What is your favorite music? (band, style, etc.)


HK: I’ve always loved classical music and opera, but I can get into almost any kind of music.  Right now, I’m listening to a lot of Billie Holliday, Lauryn Hill and lofi hip hop.  


WW: If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing?


HK: It’s hard to imagine doing something else since I enjoy teaching so much.  If I had to change directions, I’d either go to culinary school or do more work as a motivational speaker/coach for young people.  I also really love math and numbers, so maybe I’d enjoy something that worked that part of my brain more.


WW: What is your biggest pet peeve?


HK: Great question!  I cringe at the sound of people eating, which I guess is some kind of documented disorder (misophonia).  I also wish drivers would stop waving people through 4-way stops; if it’s your turn to go, just GO.


WW: What is the best advice you have ever been given?


HK: To remember that there are only two kinds of people:  those who want to raise others up to their level and those who want to drag others down to their level.  Measuring people in this way has guided me to choose friends and invest in relationships wisely.