Essential Workers During COVID-19


Photo credits: Saint John’s OR

Though the world seems to have stopped for the majority of the population, there are people where the world keeps turning. The government has seen some businesses and people as “essential” for society. These people still go to work with a pandemic in full swing. From doctors and nurses, to healthcare workers, to grocery clerks and trash collectors, there’s people all across the Earth that are risking their lives everyday for the rest of the world to survive.

As one of those risking their lives, this is a scary thing. I work at a grocery store where I go to help provide food for others. Though, I am one of the luckier ones, where I can stand behind a counter and wear gloves and a mask, but the risk is still there. It is great to see customers come in with masks and gloves as well, knowing they are helping us too.

To the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals, thank you for all you are doing. You risk the exposure of the virus to yourselves each and every day.

For those not taking this seriously, please stay home to help others recover and stop the spread.

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