Campus Programming Council Adjusts to COVID-19

Student Safety is a Priority


File Photo – 2019 Involvement Fair

With social distancing and masking requirements on everyones’ minds, Culver-Stockton College Campus Programing Council president William “Carter” Knake acknowledges that the CPC has to make changes dealing with events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Knake says CPC has been taking precautions and making contingency plans since the school went virtual last March.  He says they “have implemented changes at many events to keep the participants safe.”

CPC will try our best to follow guidelines as set by the college and keep students safe.

— CPC president Carter Knake

Changes include but are not limited to:  more sanitation and cleaning equipment, changing events in location or type, and social distancing events. Knake says “CPC will try our best to follow guidelines as set by the college and keep students safe.”

The CPC does have concerns for the student body, Knake says.  “We are made up of students from many different areas on campus and for our fellow students that we serve. Events will change as policy and numbers do.”

Knake continued that students may see more online/virtual events if any outbreaks occur on The Hill.   He is constantly reminded that “being adaptive is something we always have been, but this year we have had to double down on that. We will continue to help create a great student experience even if it means adding more safety measures.”

Students can follow CPC events by logging into the MyCulver portal and viewing “Announcements.”