Super Bowl LV Commercials


For those who aren’t the biggest American football fans, the Super Bowl is about three things: the food, the halftime show, and the commercials. Even those who do enjoy the game can often find some humor and an entertaining break with these commercials. Every year, companies from all over come up with very creative and interesting ideas for a commercial that will be seen by millions. With the Super Bowl being one of the most viewed televised events every year, this is companies’ time to shine with their products and messages for the people. Here are some of this year’s commercials that stuck out to viewers.

General Motors: No Way Norway

State Farm: Drake from State Farm

With fun commercials like the ones above, they are ones that can stick out to others. There are some companies that take the more emotional and inspirational approach. Here are some examples from Super Bowl LV.

Toyota: Jessica Long’s Story

Jeep: The Middle

Photo and video credits go out to YouTube and GetupStudio