10 Tips to Deal with Burnout


Danielle Thurman

Perfect for napping to deal with burnout.

It’s now week nine, so if you’re like me and have not started your 20-page thesis paper yet and are slightly freaking out because you’re burnt out and have no motivation, here are some tips. Am I speaking from experience? Probably.


Eat healthy. Many people tend to stress eat, and if you’re going to do that, try something healthy like fruits or vegetables. Chips are not always the answer, and the oil from eight chicken strips from the Cat’s Pause will stain your paper more than tears will. I recommend getting grapes from the CP and freezing them. It’s a nice cool snack considering it’s getting warmer and plenty Culver-Stockton College students live on third or even the fourth level of your building. Trust me. It’s going to get hot before you realize it.


Take breaks. You wrote a page of your paper? Have a jam session. Already having a jam session? Then take a break to watch a video. Watching a video for class? Then go for a quick walk, or drive to Starbucks for their new Oatmilk drinks… that are already sold out in the Quincy, Ill. store by McDonalds. If that isn’t your speed, then go do the Midwestern thing and drive to the nearest Walmart to walk around and swear that you will not buy anything; you promise you will not buy anything, and then walk out with 20 new things.


Go to bed early. You might be surprised, but sometimes sleeping is the answer. When you just cannot focus, and it’s 8:00 p.m., your best bet might just be to go to bed. You need to know when it’s okay to relax, and sometimes you just can relax best by going to bed. Or sometimes you just cannot keep your eyes open anymore, so the best thing to do is going to sleep. Trust me, going to bed early is a great way to deal with burnout.


Exercise. Exercising can get your brain pumping and your thoughts moving, and is a great way to try to break out of the slump if you’re having one. Go for a run, go pump iron or whatever it is that people say. Exercising is just a great way to try to get your mind going, especially when it is just yourself and the music that is playing in your ears.


Self-Care. If you do not take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of your grades? Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. Take a hot shower to relax, treat yourself by using retail therapy, or use a new skin-care routine there are plenty of things that one can do to do self-care.


Talk.  To other people.  Or stuffed animals, if that’s your thing.  Even real animals “seem” to be listening when you vent to them, so take advantage of their caring attitudes.   “Who’s a good boy!”


Develop your playlists for:  stress relief, motivation, going to sleep, waking up and getting started.  There shouldn’t be many crossovers on your list!


Zoom with family/friends.  They will (most) always support you and give you props for getting this far.  Soak up the “kudos” and use that as motivation for finishing that 20-page paper.


Finish that 20-page paper!  At least break it into manageable sections (5 pages, then turn your attention to something else).  Then figure out another manageable section.


Ask for clarification from your professor.  Really.  Most (ok, all of C-SC profs) really care for you to be successful and to pass their classes.  Cry if you need to, laugh at their silly jokes, but let them know that you are really trying.  They are all caring human beings.