Electric Fountain Brewing Set to Close in Canton

Canton Coffee Shop to Close

Since last October when it first opened in Canton,  Electric Fountain Brewing (EFB) has provided “hand-crafted, feel-good coffee” to the community. In recent postings on Facebook, however, the EFB page revealed that owner Ryan Christian is closing its doors by the end of the month.

“Dear Canton Community, We want to thank you for your love and support this past year at our location in downtown Canton. As of Oct 1st, we will be closing our Canton retail location for now so that we can focus on expanding and growing our roasting and wholesale side of EFB Coffee. We will continue to have a retail coffee shop at our Quincy location as we transition our roasting operation to Missouri. We will also soon be launching a more streamlined online site featuring our roasted coffees that can be shipped to your door to experience EFB Coffee at home. We hope that you will stop by and support us these last few days…Again we appreciate your support and are thankful for the opportunity to bring our hand-crafted roasted coffee to the Canton community. Sincerely, Ryan and EFB team.”

The WildcatWire reached out to Christian, who is also the director of the Wildcat’s Marching Band, who shared his thoughts on closing EFB in Canton.

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“I was being spread too thin trying to run two retail shops and the roasting business…””

— EFB Owner Ryan Christian

“We are closing the retail shop in downtown Canton, for now, to focus on expanding the roasting side of the business and moving it to Missouri. Our Quincy retail shop will remain open and we will be expanding to more food items and hosting more events. Our roasting wholesale had continued to grow as we roast coffee for other coffee shops and retail outlets plus our ‘coffee at home’ program where we ship freshly roasted coffee to the customer’s door.”

Christian explains the expansion that he envisions.  “We are currently working with coffee shops in STL [St. Louis, MO] area supplying coffee beans to their shops and look to keep expanding that. Bottom line is that we need to focus on the outlet that is generating profit for us and that is the roasting and hosting events. I was being spread too thin trying to run two retail shops and the roasting business so I am focusing on growing the roasting as we condense to one retail shop for now.”

The EFB-Canton closing ironically coincides with National Coffee Day on September 29.  The CPC will be sponsoring coffee beginning at 8 a.m. outside Johann Memorial Library and Herrick Hall.