What Students Need To Know About Quarantining and Isolating


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Culver-Stockton College has seen a number of students that have been quarantined or isolated, in the first few weeks of the Spring semester. The start of the new semester came with new updates to the COVID-19 policies on campus. With these changes from the fall semester policies to these new ones, it can be a lot for a student to know what to expect or know about what to do when they are in isolation or quarantine. Susan Moon, Director Of Counseling & Wellness, has answers to questions students may have and the information for what they need to do.


The difference between isolation and quarantine.

The first step in this process is knowing the difference between quarantine and isolation. Isolation is for students who test COVID-19 positive. If a student is in quarantine it is because they are a close contact of someone who is COVID-19 positive, and they are unvaccinated or vaccinated more than six months ago without a booster. If a student is fully vaccinated, up to date with their booster, then they are required to wear a mask for 14 days. These are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, which is what Culver-Stockton College follows.

Who to contact, how to contact them, and the wait time for a response.

If you are a student wondering what do you if you test positive through campus testing, the answer is pretty simple. Moon commented, “If a student is tested on campus, the tester notifies one of us immediately.” If a student tests through any off-campus testing sites, they are expected to reach out to Susan Moon or Dean Royal via email or phone. Moon also said, “Students will be contacted, as soon as we are notified, to move to an isolation room, or home, if they are positive.” However, if it is a weekend, campus safety is the best person to call if it is urgent, according to Moon. Students should still reach out via email since Royal and Moon will not be in the office. On the weekend, those emails may take longer to respond to, while campus safety will be able to help the student quicker. Moon will also send an email to students with all the information they need to know or answer any questions they have.

Quarantining or isolationg at home.

Some students may be more comfortable waiting out their quarantine or isolation period at home, and can do so. Moon said, “We always talk to a student about going home if they live within 150 miles, or so, because it is more comfortable and an easier isolation than staying on campus.” If you are a student who cannot go home or does not want to then it is not a requirement. “But we never require a student to go home for ether isolation or quarantine,” said Moon.

How long does a student have to quarantine and isolate?

There is good news for students who are in quarantine or have to isolate. The college goes by the date of the test which means quarantine and isolation are both only for five full days, and the person is released on day six. Moon mentioned, “This is because we are congregate living and we cannot usually verify the actual date symptoms began, unless the student had seen a doctor and provides that note. So for example, a student has to isolate or quarantine based on a test taken on Tuesday, they may be out, back in class and all activities on the following Monday provided they have symptom resolution and no fever for 24 hours. Occasionally a student is still not feeling well and needs [a] couple of more days, but five days is usually sufficient to feel better.”

The food situation.

There is an update to past procedures with how the students get their food. In the past, the student had food delivered to them from the dining hall. Now, students will get a breakfast box that has continental breakfast items that should last them five days. For lunch and dinner, the student can order any food they want from the Cat’s Pause between a certain time and it will be delivered to their room. Moon said, “Any other time, or for other preferred food, a friend can pick up food and leave it outside the door.”

Testing for students who were in quarantine.

Some students may be wondering if it is required for them to test before they are released from quarantine. Moon said that testing is not required “…but [the student] can get a COVID test when they are released to make sure they are safe and healthy.” Moon went on to explain, “Some people can still develop symptoms after this quarantine period but it is rare, and we ask just to watch yourself if any symptoms develop and we will test you.”

Precautions that need to be taken after quarantining or isolating.

Even though you are out on day six, wearing a mask or face shield is still a good idea. Moon said, “The virus is thought to have minimal risk of spreading from day 6 on as long as the individual is wearing a mask and no symptoms. Since all students must mask at the college now this isn’t usually an issue as long as the previously ill students takes this seriously.”


Moon also commented about how the positive attitude students have had with this pandemic: “It is hard to tell someone they are positive or they have to go in “lock down” and students have really made my job so much easier by their politeness and cooperation.” If students need a COVID-19 test, the school provides free testing in Crown 104 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on weekdays. There is no testing done on the weekends.