Air Conditioning Coming Soon to Charles Field House

It’s been another hot start for fall and winter sports this year in the Charles Field House. With no air conditioning, indoor sport athletes must endure practices and games in the summer heat, trapped inside the Field House. But after all this time in the heat, it was officially announced that air conditioning is in the Field House’s current future. 

Getting air conditioning in the Field House is a game changer for indoor sports.

— Atwell

Athletic Director, Patrick Atwell confirmed the school has “found an anonymous donor that is paying for the installation of the air conditioning units in the Charles Field House.” According to Atwell, the Field House should have air conditioning  by “next graduation year for sure” and will be ready for the next volleyball season.

Returning junior on the Men’s Basketball team, Ryan Moore said the heat is “tiring” after a full practice with no air conditioning.

Moore said there are some advantages to practicing with no air conditioning such as “your body is constantly warm compared to when practicing in the cold gym where your body can cool down quicker and get stiff.” However, he also said having no air conditioning impedes his athletic performance as he fatigues quicker. 

I’m excited to get air conditioning in the Field House. Maybe now practice will be more enjoyable.

— junior Ryan Moore

Sophomore Women’s Volleyball player Kyla Ellis said she’s “looking forward to playing and practicing in the gym with air conditioning in the future.”