Award Nominations Due Feb. 27

The Provost’s office is requesting nominations for the Helsabeck Award, the Rosie MacDoniels Prize, and the President’s Award. Anyone is invited to submit their nomination, and reasons their nominee deserves the award to Dr. Lauren Schellenberger, the Provost. Her office is located in Henderson Hall or the nomination can be sent via email to All nominations are due Monday, February 27, 2023.

The Helsabeck Prize

Nominations are being sought from the Culver-Stockton College community for the Helsabeck Prize for Excellence in Teaching. The Helsabeck Prize, established in 1980, is a cash prize of $1,000 and will be awarded on Honors Day. Your help is needed to identify a current faculty member who, in your judgment, exhibits those qualities that mark a truly outstanding teacher. Since Culver-Stockton is, above all things, a teaching institution, awards for excellent teaching speak to the very heart of the college’s work. While definitions of excellent teaching will vary, frequently identifying qualities include the following: knowledge and proficiency in the subject area; creative approaches to the subject matter; ability to nurture interest, enthusiasm, and responses in students; clarity of educational objectives and course expectations; maintenance of high expectations and standards; openness to other points of view; fairness; and effective timely feedback to students. The winner will be chosen by a panel of faculty, students, and administrators.

The Rose MacDoniels Prize

Nominations are being sought from the Culver-Stockton College community for the Rose Marie (Grossenbacher) MacDoniels Prize for Campus Leadership. This Prize, a cash award, is to be presented to the second-semester junior woman or man who, in the estimation of the Award Committee, exemplifies qualities of leadership that characterized the career and life of Rose Marie (Grossenbacher) MacDoniels, Class of 1963. In addition to the cash award, the name and class of the person selected will be engraved and added to a plaque displayed prominently in a public place at the College.

Leadership is often defined by or recognized by those who are at the front of the procession, setting the pace, direction, and tone for the parade. Leadership theory, however, looks beyond those qualities of leadership and points to the deeper, more lasting qualities that give stability, accountability and mission to relationships, groups, organizations and even nations. Such leadership holds that people can be lifted into their better selves through the connection between leaders and followers that raises both to higher levels of motivation and morality, ethics and conviction.

The President’s Award for Exemplary Service to the College and Community

Nominations are invited from the Culver-Stockton College community for the President’s Award for Exemplary Service to the College and Community. This new award will be given annually to two deserving recipients – a faculty member and a staff member.

Nominees should show evidence of extraordinary and distinguished service to Culver-Stockton College and the larger community. The award recognizes service that 1) goes “above and beyond” one’s normal duties and responsibilities; 2) has had a significant and positive impact on the College and the community; and 3) reveals a personal and selfless commitment to the betterment of the campus and community. Members of the C-SC community are invited to submit nominations electronically to the Provost’s Office. Nominations may be made of a faculty member, a staff member, or both. All nominations must be accompanied by a supporting rationale for why the nominee is deserving of the award.