A New Chapter to Culver-Stockton’s Women’s Volleyball

New head coach is excited for the future of Women’s Volleyball

Culver-Stockton College’s women volleyball team has made a coaching change which promises the future of the program.

When it comes to C-SC’s women’s volleyball program the history has seen its ups and its downs. With losing seasons in the past years and expectations not met, the program has struggled.  However, success in years farther back in the past produced a national tournament run.

Having a competitive team in the Heart of America Conference is no easy task, but for the new women’s volleyball coach Daniel Cabrera, it is a challenge that he is excited to take on.

“I’m honored to become Culver-Stockton’s Women Head Coach, it is a privilege to lead a group of bright women on the court especially during one of the most exciting times of the year! I am a big believer of continually learning and valuing the athletes first because we are one family.” said, Cabrera. Not only is he excited about building a great program, but his goal is also to build this program around a team of women who are together as one group working to reach a common goal.

Faith is designed to energize you.

— Daniel Cabrera

Being a head coach setting expectations for the teams season can be difficult.  Luckily, Cabrera has assisted the team prior to taking the job allowing him to know the team’s drive for success. Cabrera wants to build a culture where his student-athletes have dedication toward the program.  He wants them to want more than just playing the sport in college, but playing it as a passion driving them towards success. With expectations, come future goals.   For Cabrera and the program this means a national title.  That means with the culture he builds at this program builds success, which leads to future goals.

During off-season, there are many who think coaches get to sit around and watch film, run a few practices a week, and take some time for themselves. This is not the case. Off-season is the time for the coaches to do some serious recruiting. Cabrera is excited for his first year of recruiting as a head coach. For him it is one of the “fun parts” of being a coach. He gets to offer individual scholarships to players who get to come to college as a student-athlete. At a program like Culver-Stockton, he wants his future players to know this is a prestigious program on a prestigious campus, and C-SC is the best option for them.

A coach always has situations from the past which shaped them to grow as a coach. Cabrera, as a first-year head coach, was asked to give advice to coaches in the same position as him. “My best advice is to enjoy the process and stay true to your roots. If you remember the lessons you have learned throughout your lifetime, that will help you overcome the obstacles you will encounter as a coach in my position.”

With a young, ambitious coach who has set highs standards for his program, the future of Culver-Stockton’s women’s volleyball looks bright. Cabrera will be looking to grow the success of the program with great things to come.