No Spring Break = No Relief

As COVID continues to affect all aspects of day-to-day life, it seems that mental health at Culver-Stockton College may have also been affected.

This year there was no Spring Break which usually occurs after midterm exams.   Historically, students and faculty used the break for a much-needed and deserved respite from school.  It gives them a chance to get refreshed, excited, and ready for the last half of the semester leading into summer. It also gives faculty a chance to enjoy a week of not having to have a lesson plan or work to grade and gives them the opportunity to relax and catch up on whatever they have fallen behind on.

I’m feeling more burnt out than I usually am because we didn’t have the opportunity to let off some steam.”

— anonymous student

Wildcat Wire talked to some students and faculty about the lack of a Spring Break and how they feel about it. One student said, “I’m feeling more burnt out than I usually am because we didn’t have the opportunity to let off some steam. I understand that we’re in a pandemic, but we still need a break otherwise our grades and work can be affected.” This statement seems to be echoed by many more students who are desperate for some time to sleep in, relax, and visit family and friends. It has even affected faculty.  An anonymous instructor says, “I can see my students becoming less focused as the semester continued, and I’ve noted an even higher number of absences.”

The reasoning behind cancelling Spring Break is understandable.  Starting the second semester a week later than usual gave COVID symptoms longer to disappear.  The College was able to retain the established May Commencement date, and a few extra days off for Easter were a wonderful gift.  However, it still wasn’t enough for some students, because it didn’t give them as much time as they would have liked with their families. “It was great seeing my family for Easter, but the few days we were given and the amount of time it took to travel almost makes it not worth it. I was only able to spend about 2 days with them after all the time it took to travel back to school.” This affected especially students whose family lives in places such as California where things are still very much restricted.

The fact that COVID is still very much a factor in so many lives has really taken its toll, especially since this has been going on for over a year now. There is hope with the number of vaccines being given that there will be a chance to resume having a “normal” life again. Until then, the lack of breaks in the middle of the semesters may continue, but only time will tell.