100 Years of The Megaphone edition published

Masthead changed throughout the years



“100 Years” Cover

Since 1919 a campus newspaper titled The Megaphone has reported on the goings-on at Culver-Stockton College.  This week, the staff at The Wildcat Wire – the new digital student news source – has dug into the archives to find interesting stories about life on “The Hill” in the last century.  The 24-page special edition  “Looking back on 100 Years” was made available Friday, May 3.

Design and Layout Editor Megan Ferry and Features Editor Danielle Thurman were the primary managers of the special edition.

The entire staff has been working on the issue for about a month, and each editor and writer chose decades to research the archives, which are available to the public through a link on The Wildcat Wire.

Ferry says “I enjoyed learning about some things that happened in the past on campus and how different it is now.”

Wildcat Wire faculty advisor and Senior Lecturer in Communication/Media Studies Fred Berger thought exploring the past decades’ issues was fascinating.  “For someone new to C-SC, it gave me some perspective on the history, people, and culture here.”

Features Editor Thurman reflects “Our campus has gone through tough times- from the Graduation tornado in the early 2000’s, to student deaths and the faculty number fluctuating, but the campus always bounce back. We as a campus bounce back from everything according to what I read, and it was heartwarming to see the articles about this.”


What you can find out about Culver-Stockton College from these newspapers is amazing.

— Prof. Fred Berger

The Megaphone wasn’t the first paper on “The Hill,” however.  From October 1, 1876 to June 1, 1879, students published the Christian University Record which reflects the previous name of what is now known as Culver-Stockton College.  After a 40-year break, the Megaphone published Volume 1, Number 1 on October 28, 1919.  The editors at the time stated “A college paper is a mirror of the school, reflecting all phases of campus life.  In addition, the Megaphone, living up to its name, aspires to be the big noise around the college.”

Currently, the Megaphone continues its legacy as a once-a-semester printed publication, and in The Wildcat Wire, a digital online student news outlet.  All past issues of the print paper are found on a link on the main page of The Wildcat Wire.