C-SC’s Annual Christmas Concert: A Recap


Students, faculty, and family filled the auditorium last Tuesday as Culver-Stockton’s theater department held its annual Christmas Concert in the Alexander Campbell Auditorium in the Performing Arts Center. The well-organized event was directed by Dr. Scott Allison and featured Dr. Dylan Marney as a pianist. The concert included performances by Culver-Stockton’s Collegiate Choir, Chamber Choir, and Concert Choir. 

Allison, a professor of Music and director of the event said he felt “the concert was fantastic! They worked hard to give a meaningful and beautiful concert. I am very proud of their efforts and look forward to working with them next semester.”

This success means great things for the theater department, according to Allison. The Christmas Concert is a great way to close out the semester but this year is different. The choirs are unique as 60% of the singers are freshmen. Allison has directed multiple Christmas concerts over his years at C-SC and is proud to place this year’s performance in his top standings.

The concert was fantastic!

— Allison



This year’s performance was particularly special, especially for the students of the music department. Every year the concert closes with Silent Night, which is led by voice professor Dr. Carol Mathieson. Mathieson passed away this fall and the choir dedicated their closing piece to her. Mathieson was highly admired and loved by all her students, some even gave her the nickname “Queen”. Silent Night touched each individual in the audience, as the students circled around the auditorium holding candles.

Confetti snow falls for the final performance, Silent Night. (Halle )

To close the performance, confetti snow flurried down from the ceiling above, depicting a beautiful winter wonderland. Freshman Isabella Roberts spoke about the atmosphere after leaving the concert. “Leaving the PAC everyone was in high spirits from what we had all listened to. It got everyone in the Christmas mood and it was a great way to end the semester,” Roberts said. Like Roberts, many students attended for an ACE credit, however, what they experienced and received goes way beyond a credit.