“Painted Views” Debute at the Mabee Art Gallery

On Jan. 27 the Mabee Art Gallery at Culver-Stockton College debuts more than 50 pieces of artwork made by Patricia Kreps. The gallery named “Painted Views” features Kreps’ art including oil paintings of landscapes that capture the natural environment.

The art in the gallery is mostly made out of corn mazes but they aren’t the typical type of corn maze paintings. She colors these paintings black and white which causes her style of art to stand out from many other artists. Her most known series of paintings are a number of gardens that she made. Other pieces she has are the floods and marshes from the Carolinas. Also on display at the exhibit are some paintings of Kirksville and 1,000 Hills Lake. Before the exhibit was open to the public, there was an Art Talk. During that time Kreps talked and answered questions about her art with the students, faculty, and staff.

Photo of Patricia Kreps artwork. (Abigail Heinecke)

Kreps has academic degrees from the University of Texas and the University of Missouri. She also taught a fine arts course briefly at the University of Missouri. She has been making art for more than 40 years all over North and South Carolina. Kreps is not only a painter but also a photographer. Many of her pictures and paintings take inspiration from her travels across the globe. Her art is displayed in public and private collections stateside and Europe.

Culver-Stockton is hoping to inspire its students with the artwork. Students can also receive academic and cultural events (ACE) credit for visiting the gallery. Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases, Culver-Stockton made it mandatory for everyone to wear masks as they enter the exhibit but they also had hand sanitizer available for use by the guest book.

“Painted Views” will remain open until Feb. 25 and can be viewed from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Other times are available by appointment.