Construction to Repair PAC Roof Underway

C-SC’s Performing Arts Center undergoes construction to fix holes in the ceiling that have been impacting students’ education.

The stage is a performer’s playground of endless possibilities, a home to creatively express stories and convey emotions to an audience. One of the last elements an entertainer can prepare for during their performance is indoor weather.

Unfortunately for the performing art students of Culver-Stockton, their freedom and creativity were limited when the ceiling in the Alexander Campbell Auditorium became a major issue. With several leaks and holes, rehearsals consisted of buckets surrounding the stage and mysterious materials falling. However, despite these unpleasant conditions, several positives arose behind the drama of extra preparation and determination. 

Without a doubt, this past year has been challenging for the fine art students as their main learning facility, the Performing Arts Center (PAC), has been under construction. Students continuously pushed through and adapted to long hours of rehearsal, despite the constant flooding and harsh weather conditions. 

We made it work in the long run, even when it snowed indoors. The experience ended up teaching us how to work well and persevere in complicated situations,

— VanDerAa

Musical theater major, Kalista VanDerAa emphasized the importance of practicing in the space you will perform and the positives that arose from the difficult experience. 

Tenacious hard work and determination were a must in order for these performers to reach success. Month after month, professors and students worked long, uncomfortable hours to ensure the best possible performances for their peers.

“We all supported each other and pushed one another to perform our best, no matter what was happening around us,” VanDerAa says.

With partial construction finalizations, the spring 2022 semester closed with a triumph. This ordeal has been a learning experience for Culver-Stockton students who’ve learned how to deal with real-life complications that may arise in the workforce. 

As for the construction timeline, there is no exact date for when the roof began leaking. The construction has been long awaited by both faculty and students.

From someone who spends most of their days in the PAC, professor Scott Allison shared some insight on the progression and his eagerness these new renovations bring. “There are new levels for students to study on and while the sunshine is gone, the new lighting still keeps the area bright. I am very excited about this space. The rest of the PAC is getting a new roof, however, that has not happened yet.” Allison says.

It has leaked since I arrived in 2016. The leaking has progressively increased as the years passed.

— Allison

There is no estimated end date for the construction process, nonetheless, theater productions have started and are on the way to the stage. 

The newly improved ceiling and upcoming exterior changes in the PAC has created a renewed and revived atmosphere. It may not compare to Carnegie Hall, but the clean and efficient look has energized the hearts of Culver-Stockton students.

With the roof construction and other renovations on the way, professors feel more than ready to bring their upcoming projects alive on stage this semester.

Keep an eye out for events being held in the PAC.