Searching for a Career? Robin Jarvis Has Got You Covered!


Photo from C-SC Facebook Page

Searching for jobs in today’s world has never been easy, oftentimes finding career paths that suit one’s specific needs and niches can be very difficult and time-consuming. In fact, research suggests 20-50% of all college students enter their first semester as an undecided major, and 75% of college students change their major before graduation. This problem becomes even larger when students are uneducated with little to no clue of what direction they wish to guide their lives. Luckily, Culver-Stockton’s Director of Career and Internship Services, Robin Jarvis, hosts a Career Fair annually, shedding light on paths students normally would never see.

Onterious Hill

Over 30 schools and businesses were in attendance. Students had the opportunity to meet with recruiters and learn about over 700 opportunities available to them. These recruiters shared information about job openings, internships, and graduate degrees.

Jarvis mentioned, “Students come to the realization that employers they hadn’t considered before have opportunities for them.” Jarvis wishes to make it known when attending the Career Fair students are introduced to many career choices and paths that are often overlooked or under-advertised, which gives them a whole new outlook on possible options. With limitless potential, the Career Fair not only offers guidance, but also enormous networking potential, and chances for internships. In addition to the already incredible opportunities available to both upper and lower classmen, upperclassmen can also find a plethora of post-graduate openings.

Vendors want to talk with students and find out what their talents are and bring them on board with their organizations.

— Robin Jarvis

Jarvis felt as though the event as a whole was a success and the students who attended felt the same. However, she felt that the students who couldn’t make it missed quite the event due to missed chances regarding personal development.

“Vendors want to talk with students and find out what their talents are and bring them on board with their organizations”, commented Jarvis. Though she felt that even just 100 students attending were great, Jarvis believes the turnout can be much bigger next year. To help gather more traction for next year, she plans to bring in more careers that span more diverse majors and interests.

Photo from C-SC Facebook Page