Halloween Ghost Story Special

Third in a Series


Jake Sullens


This past Halloween the Wildcat Wire had the chance to go on a ghost hunt around the Culver-Stockton College campus to see if there is evidence of something haunting the campus.  Three locations on campus were explored, and the evidence at each location was special in its own way. The three locations were: the shed behind Weldon Hall, the headstone next to the practice football field, and the practice soccer field.  Wildcat Wire looked at these locations and ranked them.

When investigating the shed an eerie feeling was felt. It seemed like there was someone staring,  but no pictures proved that feeling.  Orbs could be seen, but for some reason did not show on camera. Other than that there was not a whole lot of activity going on here. The Wire gives it a four out of ten.

The headstone in the woods was the next stop and this location had a little more activity. The feeling was more intense.   While again pictures could not capture what the eyes saw,  the experience was something unforgettable. About fifteen minutes into the investigation, a faint shadow of a figure holding a rifle was seen. The figure looked like he had a hat and some kind of uniform on. The other thing that was different than the shed were the orbs: there was not a lot but when there was they would move fast and in groups of three. This location gets a six out of ten.

The last location explored was the practice soccer field and this was the most active.  A kind of phantom fog the hovered over the field. Once again, pictures did not show the anomaly. When sitting in the middle of the field, there was as feeling of being surrounded by a bunch of people. There were even footsteps that could be heard in the grass – but nobody was there. There was a few orbs and even what sounded like a cannon going off but none of this was substantiated. When entering the phantom fog the investigator felt in the different time period. This location was intense; and Wildcat Wire gives it an eight out of ten.

Stay tuned for more Wildcat Wire investigations into the paranormal at Culver-Stockton College.