What Comes Next?

With two residence halls being renovated in the past two years, what’s next?


Quentin Wells

The front of Wood Residence Hall.

Culver-Stockton College has been upgrading residence halls and digital infrastructure recently.  In the 2017 school year Shannon Residence Hall bathrooms had been updated, and in the present 2018 school year, Wood Residence Hall has been renovated.  Other changes this year include the drop of the college’s cable services, and upgraded internet services.

Wood Hall looks almost like new on the inside. The floors have new coverings, new windows, new lighting, new paint all over the building and new lounge furniture. Much like the previous year in Shannon Hall, Wood Hall residents have received an upgraded bathroom.

“The bathrooms were also remodeled,” said Mike Bringer, Director of Security and Facilities, “which included the installation of new features, hand dryers, new tile, new partitions, and LED lighting.”

Bringer says that the community has taken well to the recent renovations to C-SC.

“In the past two years, I have received a number of positive comments from the campus community on projects that have been completed.” Bringer said, “Most generally, everyone is excited about the work that has been completed and always inquire about next projects.”

With the renovations to Wood Hall, it leaves to be desired to know what is possibly next on campus.

“There are a number of projects being considered for next year, and they will be dependent on funding.”

Generally, the funding for the projects that are on campus come from donors.

Another upgrade to campus this year has been the drop in cable.

Joseph Liesen, the Executive Director of Institutional Technology, says that the students are the ones who made the decision to drop the cable.

“I visited with three student groups: town hall, student government, and student life council, last year and had the unanimous support to eliminate the cable TV line-up, which students indicated was rarely used.”

Another reason for the cable being dropped was the fact that the system was outdated.

“The old cable TV system was failing and in need of a significant investment to repair it and students indicated that they felt it was not worth the investment due to low utilization.  They indicated that they watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other internet-based programs rather than the limited selection available on our antiquated cable TV system.”

With this change though, this allowed the for the installations of stronger internet around C-SC.

“Student leadership indicated that they would rather have a stronger internet presence in the form of a wireless access point in every room as well as tripled internet bandwidth.”

The cable is not entirely gone from “the Hill” though

“They did say they would still like to be able to access programming on occasion so the suggestion that we keep it in the Cat’s Pause and the Fitness Center was acceptable.”

If a student wishes to watch something from a cable-TV service, the Carl Johann Library does offer the Roku system to check-out. Also, the TV ports in students rooms can access the major local cable stations, including: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, and PBS.

“There have been no complaints to my office” commented Lisesen, “There has been lots of positive feedback on the wireless access points and internet bandwidth especially from those students that remember wireless bottlenecks during peak times in previous years.”

“It has been an enjoyable experience being part of planning and leading construction efforts on campus.” Said Bringer,  “I would like to thank The Board of Trustees, President Thompson, Chief Financial Officer Diane Bozarth, our donors, facilities staff and a group of dedicated contractors for providing the necessary support to make it all possible. It truly is remarkable how much the campus has changed in the past five years.”